August 31, 2022
  • August 31, 2022
August 21, 2022

Best Indoor Plants

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Money Plant


Comes with tradition that hat it brings success and good luck. Money plant can grow in all forms of extreme climate and can bear temperature changes. Their leaves are heart-shaped and beautiful. Can hang them up on windows and doorways. They look great on bare walls and rooms.



It can clean air, grows in indirect sunlight and need regular watering. There are various type of ferns like Boston, Bird’s nest, Rabbit’s foot, Staghorn, Cretan brake etc

Areca Palm

It has thin long leaves. These plants can grow upto 7ft. As these can grow larger it will require more place so choose pot size accordingly. These are nontoxic , break down carbon monoxide and chemicals. 

Snake Plant

Snake plant has sword-like leaves. It needs little sunlight, very little water. It has fresh green leaves with yellow tinge. It’s also absorbs chemical and carbon dioxide and releases oxygen as well. It’s also effective against allergies. The Snake Plant is great choice for your bedrooms.

Aloe Vera


We all know this, its thick, gel-filled plant. It’s a great for house as it looks really good. You can use its gel for various purposes, like for skin, cuts,  juice etc and yes it requires no maintenance. It  need little water, can go for so many days without water. Give water only when the soil is dry. Best known health properties, hence it gives look with benefits 

Monstera Deliciosa

It has huge, glossy, dark green leaves. Requires warm, humid environment. Monsteras can grow in large sizes, but we can control the growth by using a small pot. It need little water and indirect sunlight.

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