10 things to do for better digestion

  1. Start your day with warm water 

Drinking a warm glass of water is the 1st thing you should be doing in the morning. It will help to remove toxins from your body. It will also keep your digestive system in condition. As toxins are removed from the body, it will improve your blood circulation as well. Warm water also helps to break down food faster than drinking cold or normal water. It also reduces the constipation. Warm water in the morning prepares your gut for the rest of the day and can contribute to weight loss. 

  1. Have a banana every day 

Have banana as your breakfast on between breakfast and lunch.  Bananas are considered one of the best foods which help with digestion. Bananas also contains probiotic that promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut which helps for good digestion. Bananas contains fibre called pectin which helps in getting water from the intestines in the stool, which makes stool softer and relieves constipation. 

  1. Take care of physical activity

As we all know physical activity increases blood flow throw-out the body and so as to the muscles in the digestive tract, which allows to flow the food in the tract, which is also known as “Peristalsis”. Some researchers also find that physical activity is important to balance of bacteria in the gut. You can do Yoga, breathing exercises, Walking, Core exercises etc 

  1. Eat ghee and Jaggery after your meal

Eating ghee and jaggery after meal is traditionally used method in India for proper digestion of food. You should eat this especially after your lunch at least. The combination of ghee and jiggery helps in preventing constipation. It also activates few digestive enzymes in our body, which are important for digestion of food. So go traditional and have ghee and jaggery as your dessert. 

  1. Drink enough water 

We heard it so many times that we should drink enough water to keep us hydrated. But still we failed to do it. Water is the most important aid for good digestion. Water helps to break down your food so that your body can get the required nutrients. Water also helps in softening of stool, which further helps in preventing constipation. Don’t take much water while eating it will disturb the digestion, you can sip if needed. Drink enough water before and after 30 minutes of your meal to maintain digestion. 

  1. Don’t take tea and coffee excessively 

Caffeine-containing drinks like tea and coffee can affect your digestion. Having too much caffeine can also lead to upset stomach, acidity or heartburn like symptoms. So, limiting tea or coffee intake is way to better digestion. Don’t have such beverages with food, also don’t have them 1st thing in the morning. Don’t drink caffeinated products after evening. 

  1. Don’t stay inactive 

Inactive lifestyle is root cause of a number of health issues. One of them is improper digestion. Sitting for too much time can slow down your digestion which may lead to issues such as bloating, gas, heartburn and constipation. 

If you are doing desk job, keep following things in mind. 

  • Have a healthy diet and snacks 
  • Take a small breaks. 
  • Go for a small walking.
  • Have small but fulfilling meals. 
  • Have seeds like cumin seeds, fennel and carom.
  1. Chew your food properly

Everyone one of us always heard that we should chew our food for 32 times. It is said because when we chew the food is thoroughly, enough saliva is released which have digestive enzymes and it helps with digestion. As you chew your food for enough time your also gets the signal and time to produce enough digestive enzymes that improve the digestive process. Also when we chew the food it get break down and becomes easy to pass futher.

  1. Eat your food timely

Biggest mantra for better digestion, Eat in time. You must try eating at the same time everyday so that your stomach will eventually produce enough digestive juices to break the food. Have your breakfast within 2 hours after waking up, go for lunch in between 12 to 2pm because our digestive system is most active in the afternoon and you can have your large meal of the day.  You must have your dinner before 8pm as our digestive fire gets slowed with evening. Avoid large meals in dinner. 

  1. Have probiotics

Probiotics helps with digestive issues like colic problems, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) etc. There are various sources for probiotics like curd, soft cheese, Idli, Paneer, Bananas, Buttermilk etc. Probiotics also plays vital role in our immunity so don’t miss them. 

Have a happy digestion!!!!!