10 Best Natural Sources for Calcium

1. Edible Chuna in curd

Chuna contain calcium. In earlier days, the consumption of beetle leaf with chuna was considered as a rich source of calcium. If consumed in very small amount with curd can increase calcium level. Also, it prevents acidity. As it is source of calcium it helps in preventing teeth problems. 

2. Makhana roasted in oil or ghee

Makhana is a best for all of us as it a source of various important nutrients and its a healthy munch too. Makhana is source of carbs, magnesium, iron and most importantly calcium. As it is rich source of Calcium it is great for your both and teeth. You can have handful of makhanas every day. But keep it in mind that it should consumed roasted with ghee or oil and not fried. I also contains antioxidants which is great for our body.  

3. Dairy products 

As we all know dairy products are the main source of calcium. Calcium rich products are milk, cheese and curd. You should have your daily dose calcium with dairy product. You can have a glass of milk in the morning or at night with pinch of turmeric. You can have curd after your lunch which is great source of calcium and great probiotic too. As cheese is hard to digest you can have it once or twice in a week. 

4. Peanuts and peanut butter 

Having small amount of peanuts with jaggery everyday can give you nice amount of calcium and it will helps in managing your Hb too. Peanut butter is made up of dry and roasted peanut. These peanut are made into thick paste to form a butter. Now a days it’s been widely used as spread for breakfast. It’s a great source of calcium, you can buy one from market but homemade peanut butter always works as charm as they are free from any artificial sweeteners or preservatives.  

5. Sunflower seeds

As we know seeds are powerhouses of various nutrients. Sunflower seeds are great source of magnesium and calcium. Together, both of them helps in promoting promote strength of bones. Have sunflower seeds little roasted with minimum amount of salt or Sprinkle on your salad or add to your burger. 

6. Almonds 

Almonds are great source of calcium amongst all nuts. It is also considered as nice snack that contains Vit. E, healthy fats, fibers, magnesium etc. You can have 3-4 soaked almonds 1st thing in the morning as soaking improves the absorption of nutrients or you can have handful of them as snack in the evening. You can add in your shakes and smoothies too for that crunch and calcium.

7. Ragi

Ragi offers great amount of calcium, hence known as best grain for getting calcium. Ragi also contains potassium and yehh it is gluten free. They make your bones stronger and will give essential vitamins and minerals that are required by body. Having ragi in your regular diet can help you in providing calcium to bones. You can make pancakes, cheela, idli, dosa and bhakri. Or you can take as malt. 

8. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are great for bone health. They are a loaded calcium, omega-3, fibers, antioxidants, iron etc. Chia seeds believed to have weight loss ability. 

You can have them raw, soaked in juice or water or lemon water, can add to puddings, or your smoothies. Else you can just sprinkle them on your cereal bowl, curd, salad etc to increase intake. 

9. Sesame seeds

How can we forgot this. They are two types black and white both are rich in calcium. They are also great source of Magnese, Zinc and Copper.  It also manages your cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Sesame oil is been widely used in India for massaging body to keep our bones strong and healthy. 

You can tablespoon of seeds every day, or just sprinkles some roasted seeds over your salads or soups or smoothies.

You can also add them in your subji or add in dough and make til rotis. You can also eat til ke laddu or til Papdi

10. Leafy Vegetables 

And last but not the least our daily veggies. Vegetables like spinach, kale, methi, mustard green, broccoli etc are rich in calcium. They also provide iron and folate. You can have them every day to full fill your calcium need. 

Make everyday subjis, soups, parathas, make green juices with these vegetables and have your calcium.